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  1. Buying a plugin as a gift/present

  2. Can I call you and purchase over the phone?

  3. Can I purchase with PayPal and all other major Credit Cards?

  4. Can I use a download accelerator?

  5. Contact Information

  6. Delivery Policy

  7. Do I have to create a account to purchase from you?

  8. Do I have to sign up for a newsletter to purchase from you?

  9. Does support cover teaching me how to use the software?

  10. Educational Discounts At

  11. English is not my first language – can I view your site in my language?

  12. How do I authorize iZotope's Mix & Master Bundle?

  13. How do I authorize my BlueCat Audio software?

  14. How do I authorize my D16 software?

  15. How do I authorize my FLUX software?

  16. How do I authorize my Image Line software?

  17. How do I authorize my OhmForce software?

  18. How do I authorize my PSP Audioware software?

  19. How do I authorize my Sonic Charge software?

  20. How do I authorize my XILS software?

  21. How do I install the Waves plugins?

  22. How do you handle currency conversion?

  23. How long should I expect the download to take?

  24. I am having problems downloading the Free / Trial installers

  25. I bought a Flux plugin, where is my serial number?

  26. I cannot proceed with checkout with my VAT number in

  27. I can’t download. Can you send me a physical product?

  28. I can’t get my software to work, can I have a refund?

  29. I have purchased products for my PC and now I moved to Mac (or vice versa). Can you transfer over the software?

  30. I want to purchase a gift certificate – do you have those?

  31. If I purchase a manufacturer’s software from you, will you share my contact details with them?

  32. If I purchase from the USA do I pay VAT?

  33. If I purchase from you, do I still have the same warranty as if I purchased directly from the product official site?

  34. If there is a free upgrade from the manufacturer, will it show up in my purchase area?

  35. iLok Authorization - How does it work?

  36. Interface types explained (VST, RTAS, AU, etc.)

  37. Is there an easy way for me to see all the info I have in my account?

  38. Long authorization time for Flux software

  39. Once I place a purchase, what happens next?

  40. Problem With Logging In On A Mac

  41. Problems with Faturator 1.0 installation on PC / Windows 7+

  42. System emails from PluginBoutique

  43. What are the Value and Premium prices?

  44. What are your hours of support?

  45. What do I do if my installation fails? Do I have another try?

  46. What does N/A mean in the ratings popup?

  47. What if I purchase something that my platform doesn’t support? Can I switch to another platform?

  48. What is a Reverse Chargeback?

  49. What is Virtual Cash?

  50. What is your refund policy?

  51. When I purchase something what happens if there is a paid upgrade?

  52. Who can I contact with a support question?

  53. Who provides technical support for my software, you or the manufacturer?

  54. Will I be notified by you of all upgrades? If so, how?

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