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  1. Activating a License with the iLok License Manager

  2. AIR Music Download Area

  3. AIR Music Installation Instructions

  4. AIR/Sonivox - Code Redemption Limit Has Been Reached?

  5. AKAI Installation Guide Area (VIP Plus)

  6. AKAI Installation Guide Area (VIP Standard)

  7. AKAI VIP Download Area

  8. Audiomodern Installation Guide Area

  9. Black Friday & Thanksgiving Support

  10. Buying A Product As A Gift

  11. Can I download both Windows and Mac OS X versions of my products from within my Plugin Boutique account?

  12. Can I view my order invoices?

  13. Contact Information

  14. Deactivating AIR/Sonivox iLok Licenses On Your Computer

  15. Delivery Policy

  16. Educational Discounts at Plugin Boutique

  17. Getting Started with the iLok License Manager

  18. Having Problems Confirming Your Account?

  19. Having Problems With Your Payment?

  20. How Can I Find Out When A Deal Will End?

  21. How can I view prices in my preferred currency?

  22. How do I download updates within my account?

  23. How Do I Use My Virtual Cash?

  24. Hybrid 3 Download & Installation

  25. I am having problems downloading Free/Trial installers

  26. I can’t download - can you send me a physical product?

  27. I'm using Mac, but it seems I have downloaded software for Windows

  28. InstaChord MIDI Routing

  29. My installation keeps on failing? Do I have another try?

  30. Neutron Elements: Mac Installation & Activation Guide

  31. Neutron Elements: Mac Preset Download & Installation Guide

  32. Neutron Elements: PC Installation & Activation Guide

  33. Neutron Elements: PC Preset Download & Installation Guide

  34. Neutron Elements: Serial Registration Guide

  35. Ozone 8 Elements: Mac Installation & Activation Guide

  36. Ozone 8 Elements: PC Installation & Activation Guide

  37. Ozone 8 Elements: Serial Registration Guide

  38. Plugin Formats Explained (VST, AU, AAX, etc)

  39. Problems logging in on Mac

  40. Purchasing & Payments FAQ

  41. Sample Packs Installation Guide Area

  42. Selling with Plugin Boutique

  43. Soft Synth Preset Pack Installation Guide Area

  44. Subscribing To Our Newsletters

  45. UJAM Virtual Bassist Pre-order

  46. Unsubscribing From Our Newsletters

  47. Updating to Scaler 1.5.0

  48. Vacuum Pro: Activation and Installation Instructions

  49. What Is Your Refund Policy?

  50. Where can I find instructions on how to download and install my product?

  51. Will I be notified when a product in my account is updated?

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