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  1. Buying a product as a gift

  2. Can I call you and purchase over the phone?

  3. Can I download both Windows and Mac OS X versions of my products from within my Plugin Boutique account?

  4. Can I purchase with PayPal and all other major Credit Cards?

  5. Can I view my order invoices?

  6. Contact Information

  7. Delivery Policy

  8. Do I have to create a account to purchase from you?

  9. Do I have to sign up for your newsletter to purchase?

  10. Educational Discounts at Plugin Boutique

  11. English is not my first language – can I view your site in my language?

  12. How can I view prices in my preferred currency?

  13. How do I download updates within my account?

  14. How do you handle currency conversion?

  15. I am having problems downloading Free/Trial installers

  16. I can’t download - can you send me a physical product?

  17. I do not want to receive emails from Plugin Boutique anymore - can I unsubscribe?

  18. I have a support question - how do I contact the Support Team?

  19. I have completed my purchase - what happens next?

  20. I have entered my valid VAT number, but the VAT amount is not being deducted

  21. I want to purchase a gift card/certificate – do you have those?

  22. I'm using Mac, but it seems I have downloaded software for Windows

  23. If I purchase from the USA do I pay VAT?

  24. If I purchase from you, do I still have the same warranty as I would if purchased directly from the manufacturer?

  25. If I purchase software from you, will you share my contact details with the manufacturer?

  26. My installation keeps on failing? Do I have another try?

  27. Plugin formats explained (VST, AU, AAX, etc)

  28. Problems logging in on Mac

  29. What if I purchase a product which my platform does not support?

  30. What is Virtual Cash?

  31. What is your refund policy?

  32. Where can I find instructions on how to download and install my product?

  33. Who provides technical support for my software - Plugin Boutique or the manufacturer directly?

  34. Will I be notified when a product in my account is updated?

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