Delivery Policy

  1. The delivery of a purchased product may consist of giving access to the Software Installer file and any of the following: a serial number, an unlock code, a keyfile or other software protection technology. Some products may require additional hardware keys to unlock the full-featured version of the software. Such requirement is always duly indicated on the page of the product.
  2. All software available on the Plugin Boutique shop is delivered by electronic means only in the form of a download.
  3. The download links are located in the Products section of the User Account.
  4. Due to the nature of the delivery network some Installer Files, Serial Numbers, Unlock Codes or Keyfiles may take a few minutes to process in order to be supplied to the customer. In such cases a message is displayed in the customer's User Account to inform about such circumstances.
  5. Plugin Boutique electronically interfaces with selected software developers to deliver the Software Installers, Serial Numbers, Unlock Codes or Keyfiles. In such cases the availability of the above-mentioned depends on up time and availability of the supplier websites.
  6. The customer is responsible for maintaining a network connection which will ensure the full download of the installer file(s).
  7. If the Software Installer, Serial Number, Unlock Code or Keyfile are not available to the customer in his/her account, the customer should contact the Plugin Boutique Support Staff at or visit to report the issue. 

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