How do I authorize my Image Line software?

Please follow these steps to unlock the Image Line plugins:

  1. To download the software installer, please register using the unique 20-digit serial number at:
  2. Note: if you should have an Image-Line online account already, please login first at
  3. Please enter all information carefully. Fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed. Pay attention to enter the correct email address, as your login information will be sent to this email address. We suggest writing the email address you used on this paper for safe- keeping along with this serial number.
  4. An email with login information will be sent to your email address. After successful registration you can click the login link.
  5. Once logged-in at your on-line Image-Line account, your product will be listed in the ‘My Licenses’ section down the right-hand side of your Account page
  6. Click on the product title to see the specific product download & installation instructions. Don’t forget you need to register your serial number before the product will be shown.

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