AIR Product Installation Guide : Windows

Windows Installation Guide

(Hybrid 3 is used as the example)  

1. Download your product installer from the AIR Music Technology Download Area.

2. Once downloaded, double-click on the zip folder to extract and reveal its contents.

3. Double-click on the installer file to begin the installation process.

4. Tick the available box to ‘Agree to the Licence Terms and Conditions’ > click ‘Next'.

5. Choose and Select the VST/Factory Content (32/64-bit) folders in which to install the software to > click ‘Install'.

If prompted, click 'Yes'.

6. Once the installation has concluded > click ‘Close'.

Your Air Music Technology product is now fully installed! Restart your DAW and rescan your plugin selection and you will be able to open your product.


Experiencing problems?

If you have followed all the steps in this guide and are still experiencing issues, please contact us via our support ticket service at

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