How to add your free sample packs into Loopcloud


Adding your free Sample Packs into Loopcloud

Important: Once you have downloaded the Loopcloud Bundle + pack from your Plugin Boutique account, we recommend moving the 3 free sample packs to an easy-to-find location on your system. Either where you usually store your sample packs or to your desktop. You will need to locate them again, later on, to be able to access them through Loopcloud.

1. Launch Loopcloud and log in.

2. Once you are logged, look for the  button on the middle right-hand side of the window. This is highlighted in orange below:

2a. You can also do this from the   drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the window, please select the 'More' option and then the '+ Add samples...' option.

3. This will then launch a finder window. Please navigate to where you stored your 3 free sample packs earlier. Once you locate the sample pack select the main folder and then click 'OK'. Repeat this action for all 3 sample packs.

4. Your sample packs will now be available for use within Loopcloud.

Please Note: The files will be stored locally but are now accessible via Loopcloud.
5. You can always access them by selecting    as highlighted below in orange.


Experiencing problems?

If you have followed all the steps in this guide and are still experiencing issues, please contact us via our support ticket service at or the Loopmasters support team at

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