What is the iZotope Product Portal and how do I use it?


Downloading & Installing Product Portal 
1. Download the correct Product Portal installer for your operating system here. 


2. Select guides that you need from the list below:

iZotope Product Portal Guides  

What is it the iZotope Product Portal? 

iZotope's Product Portal is a downloadable application that allows you to seamlessly manage your iZotope software in one central location. 

What does it do?

Register new products

You can now use the iZotope Product Portal to register all of your new iZotope purchases in once place.

Download and Install Products

You can download your purchases directly from the Product Portal. After downloading, the installation will begin
automatically within the Product Portal. 

Access trials/demos and expansion content

You can also access trial versions and expansion packs for your purchases within the Product Portal.

Experiencing problems?

If you are experiencing issues with any of the download material on this page, please contact us via our support ticket service at support@pluginboutique.com

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