W.A Production - Ascension - Windows Installation Guide

Windows Installation

1. Download the installer from within your the Ascension Download Page.


2. Double-click the Ascension_1.0.1_Full_PC_Installer.zip to extract the package and navigate to the 'Ascension - Win' folder to locate the .exe installer file > double-click the .exe file to begin the installation process and click 'Run.'


3. Click 'Next.'


4. Read through the License Agreement and click 'Agree.'



5. Select the software components that you wish to install and click 'Next.'


6. Select a VST folder in which to save the 32-bit software file to > then click 'Next.'


7. Select a VST folder in which to save the 64-bit software file to > then click 'Next.'


8.  Select a VST folder in which to save the VST3 software file to > then click 'Next.'


9. Select a VST folder in which to save the Standalone software file to > then click 'Install.'


10. The installation process has successfully completed > click 'Finish.'


Windows Registration

1. Open the plugin in your DAW.

NB: The plugin will be located within the 'DMS CubicAudio' drop-down selection.


2. Locate the 'Ascension_Data_Library.zip' folder that you have downloaded to the 'Downloads' section of your computer and extract its contents.


3. On the first instance of loading Ascension, you will be prompted to locate and open/load the data file into the plugin > > once the data file has been selected, click 'OK' to instal the presets.


4. Select the blue ‘Options’ button on the right-hand side of the plugin interface, then choose ‘Settings’.



5. On this tab, you will see your ‘Hardware ID’ > click the Hardware ID number to copy it, and then select 'OK' before visiting the Ascension Activation Page.




6. Paste the Hardware ID number into the available bottom tab, followed by your name and Plugin Boutique registered email address.


7. Copy the serial number from within your Plugin Boutique User Account and paste it into the 'Serial' tabs before selecting the 'I'm not a Robot' tick box > then select the 'Download License File' option to obtain the key license file.



8. Navigate back to your DAW and select the 'Settings' tab within Ascension's user interface once again > then click 'Import License.'



9. Locate and select the .asl license file that has been downloaded to the 'Downloads' section of your computer > then click 'Open.'


Your Software is now Activated and Ready to Use!


Experiencing problems?

If you have followed all the steps in this guide and are still experiencing issues, please contact us via our support ticket service at support@pluginboutique.com

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