How to Create a Plugin Boutique Account

To create an account with Plugin Boutique please follow these steps:

1. Click 'SIGN UP' on our main page.


2. Enter your email address and password in the field highlighted below and complete the reCAPTCHA. 

3. Read the marketing information below, our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and then check the box next to   I accept the Terms & Conditions.

4. Once you have done all of this, select the REGISTER button.

5.  Your account has been created. You must now confirm your account using the email account you registered with.

6. Click the link in the confirmation email to confirm your account. This will re-direct you to your account.

7. You are now signed into your new account with Plugin Boutique.

Experiencing problems?

If you have followed all the steps in this guide and are still experiencing issues, please follow this guide or contact us via our support ticket service at

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