Download / Installation Help FAQ

Where can I find instructions on how to download and install my product?

Please click HERE to view our guide on how to find the installation instructions for your product.


My installation keeps on failing? Do I have another try?

You can download your product as many times as you would like. If your installation fails then we recommend you do the following:

  • Delete the downloaded file completely off your system
  • Clear your web browser’s cache
  • Download your product again

    We also always recommend using a stable, wired internet connection as using WI-FI to download larger files can sometimes result in dropouts, therefore corrupting the download and deeming it unusable.

    If you try all of the above and are still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact us on with the following information:

    • Operating system you are using including its version number
    • Which host/DAW application you are currently using (Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, etc.)
    • Screenshots showing any errors you're receiving

    I can’t download - can you send me a physical product?

    All of our software is only available as a digital download, so unfortunately we are unable supply any physical versions.

    To help you download we recommend that you try using a download manager to help stabilise and speed up the download.

    You can find them here:
    If you are using a WiFI connection we also recommend changing to a wired connection while downloading.  

    If you continue to experience problems with your download, please feel free to contact us at


    I am having problems downloading Free/Trial installers

    In some cases certain plugins are not hosted on our servers. If you experience problems downloading the plugins, please enable the pop-up windows in your browser for only.

    Here's an article on how you can do it -

    If you continue to encounter issues, feel free to contact us on  


    I've Downloaded The Wrong Format For My Computer, How Can I Fix This?

    Please click HERE to view our guide on how to download the correct format for your computer.

    Please Note: If you have downloaded an installer file that isn't working on your computer, please check if they are compatible with your system.

    Mac Compatible Installation Files
    .dmg / .pkg / .mpkg 

    PC Compatible Installation Files
    .exe / .dll


    Can I download both Windows and Mac OS X versions of my products from within my Plugin Boutique account?

    Yes - you can! 
    Please click HERE to view our guide on how to download the different formats for your computer from with in your Plugin Boutique account. 


    My Product Needs The iLok License Manager To Work... What Do I Need To Do? 
    Please click HERE to view our guide on how to get started with the iLok License Manager. 

    Experiencing problems?

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us via our support ticket service at

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