Neutron Elements: Serial Registration Guide

Creating an iZotope Account

Important note: Please do not try to activate your serial through the GUI in your DAW. The serial needs to be activated online.

(Please continue to the Registration section if you already have an iZotope account)

1. Please visit the iZotope website to create an iZotope account.

2. Enter your personal credentials and once entered click 'Save' to create one > otherwise, click 'Log In' to access your iZotope account. 


1. Once logged into your iZotope account, please navigate to iZotope Serial Registration area.


2. Then copy and paste or manually enter your product serial number that is available in your Plugin Boutique User Account into the box provided.

Note: Ensure that there are no spaces at the start and end of the product serial number when entering it for registration of your software.

4. After your software has successfully been registered you will see a message confirming that the serial has been added to your account (as seen below). Click the Purchase History tab (highlighted in orange) to download the installer.

5. Select the 'Download Product (s)' option to navigate to and download your software.  


6. Click on the ALL PRODUCTS VERSION filter and select NEUTRON ELEMENTS and the select DOWNLOAD. 


7. You will need to enter your iZotope account registered email to obtain your installers.


8. Select the correct' option relative to your operating system to initiate the downloading of your software.

Installation & Activation Guides  

Please click HERE for the PC Installation & Activation Guide

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