Purchasing & Payments FAQ

Do I Have To Create An Account To Make A Purchase?

A Plugin Boutique account is indeed required to make a purchase with us and you can register for an account HERE.

After making a purchase, your product downloads/licence codes will be available for you in your User Account area.

The benefit of user accounts allows you to store and access all of your product downloads and licences in one safe place.

Payment Terms and Conditions

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Elo, Hiper and Hipercard, as well as payments via Paypal. We do not accept cash, bank transfers, cheques, gift cards or PayPal Credit.

You as the customer must agree to pay all applicable fees and charges (including any applicable taxes). All prices are unit prices.

Further information regarding our Terms & Conditions can be read HERE.


Can I Call You And Purchase Over The Phone?

All transactions must be processed through our online website checkout using a registered Plugin Boutique customer account. If you wish to register an account with us you can do so via HERE.


If I Purchase Outside Of The European Union (EU) Am I Subject VAT Charges?

Any purchases made from outside of the European Union (including US) are exempt from Value Added Taxes (VAT), so you will not be charged for this when making an order with us.


Currency Conversions

We use Google Currency for up-to-date exchange rates. Please note that the amount you pay may actually slightly vary due to your bank’s own currency exchange rates.

Non-UK Currency Order Charges 

As we are a UK-based company, final purchase order invoices display charges in UK GBP which can be viewed HERE.


Our Refund Policy

Please find details of our Refund Policy HERE.

Please Note: Should you qualify for a refund, we can only return the amount back to the original method of payment (bank account). We cannot credit customer accounts. 


I Want To Purchase A Gift Card 

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer gift cards/certificates. We do however plan to make these available in the near future.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out our 'Buying a Product as a Gift' article to read further information on how to purchase a product as a gift.


If I Purchase Software From You, Will You Share My Contact Details With The Manufacturer?

In certain cases, sending your email and product name is a required part of software delivery. Some plugin developers embed your email and/or username in the program itself as part of anti-piracy measures.

If you are experiencing issues with purchased software and we require the manufacturer's assistance to resolve these problems, we will always ask you to confirm whether you are happy for us to share your email address with them before contacting them.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Your Newsletter To Make a Purchase?

We do recommend signing up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all current and upcoming promotions, but you are not obligated to subscribe to our newsletter if you do not wish to.

Further information on how to do can be read HERE.


I Have Entered A Valid VAT Number, But The VAT Amount Is Not Being Deducted

Our system is connected to the European Union’s VAT validation system. We have to do this in order to be certain that the VAT number you have provided exists.

On some occasions this system may return with an error stating your VAT number is not valid, thus not allowing you to proceed with your order. If this issue occurs, we recommend that you simply delay completing your order and try again shortly afterwards. If you continue to experience issues, please email us at support@pluginboutique.com and we'll be happy to assist you in resolving the problem.

The validation of VAT numbers can also be checked HERE.


What Is Virtual Cash?

Virtual Cash is our ongoing royalty scheme. You earn Virtual Cash on all net prices of the software you buy at Plugin Boutique.

You will earn 5% of your total spend back in Virtual Cash with each transaction, which can allow you to save enough Virtual Cash to purchase plugins FREE of charge!

How To Use Virtual Cash

For more information on how to use your virtual cash, please refer to the guide HERE.

Educational Discounts At Plugin Boutique

For more information on the educational discounts we offer and how to apply for them, click HERE.


What If I Purchase A Product That My Computer Platform/DAW Does Not Support?

Please ensure that the product you have purchased supports your relevant platform prior to making a purchase, by checking the 'System Requirements' listed towards the bottom of each product page. 

NB: We also highly recommend downloading FREE trial versions of products that we offer to test out compatibility on your computer, as various manufacturers do not offer refunds for product licences after they have been purchased and registered/activated.

If you need more information about plugin formats to help you decide on what to purchase, please click HERE.

If you have accidentally purchased a product that is not compatible with your system, please contact us via support@pluginboutique.com and we will try our best to offer a solution.  

If you have read through this article and still have questions, feel free to email us on support@pluginboutique.com.  

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