Having problems confirming your account?

Are you seeing this error message?:


If you are having problems with signing into your account and you are seeing this message, it means that you have not yet confirmed your account. 

To confirm your account please follow these steps: 

1. Checking Your Spam/Junk Folder In Your Email Account.   

Unfortunately our confirmation emails are frequently mistaken as spam by email providers.

Please make sure to check your Junk/Spam folders in your account for an email from info@pluginboutique.com that will contain the following: 
  • Please select Confirm my account
  • Once you have done this you should see the pop-up message below when you are navigated back to Plugin Boutique.


2. Use The Resend Confirmation Instructions Page

If you cannot find your confirmation email in your inbox or spam/junk account, please click HERE to navigate to the Resend Confirmation Instructions Page 
  • Please enter your email address again and press SEND

  • After you press send you will see a message in a green bar confirming that the email has been sent to you again. 

  • After you have done this please go back into your email account and check to see if you have received the confirmation email.


3. Contact Our Support Team For Manual Confirmation

If you have checked your Spam/Junk folder and not received a confirmation email after using the Resend Confirmation Instructions Page, please email support@pluginboutique.com from the email address that you are trying to register and copy and paste the following text: request_manual_confirmation


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