Ozone 8 Elements: Mac Installation & Activation Guide

Mac Installation

1. Once downloaded, double-click the .dmg file to the launch the installer application.


2. Double-click the product icon.


3. Click 'Open' if prompted by the window below.


4. Enter your personal computer password if necessary > once entered, click 'OK'.



5. The installation process is ready to begin > click 'Next'.



6. Read through the information and click 'I accept the agreement' > click 'Next'.


7. Select the software component (s) that you wish to install > click 'Next'.


8. The software is now ready for installation > click 'Next'.


9. The installation of your software has successfully completed > click 'Finish'.

MAC Activation

1. Open the software as a standalone application, or restart your DAW before locating and launching an instance of the software.

Note: Rescan your DAW's Plug-in selection if the software fails to appear.

2. You will be prompted by a window > click 'Authorise'.



3. Copy and paste or manually enter your product serial number that is available in your Plugin Boutique User Account, into the box provided > Click 'Authorise' to activate your software.

Note: Ensure that there are no spaces at the start and end of the product serial number when entering it for activation of your software.


4. Click 'Submit'




5. The authorisation of your software has successfully completed > click 'Finish'.




Your Software is now Ready for use!

Experiencing problems?

If you have followed all the steps in this guide an are still experiencing issues please contact support at support@pluginboutique.com

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