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Knowledge Base

  1. General Support 

    1. General Support FAQ
    2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Support
    3. Contact Information
    4. What is a Crossgrade?
    5. Manufacturer Technical Support Contact List
  2. Purchasing 

    1. Purchasing & Payments FAQ
    2. Having Problems With Your Payment?
    3. How to Use a Coupon Code
    4. Educational Discounts at Plugin Boutique
    5. What Is Your Refund Policy?
  3. iZotope Product Portal 

    1. How to Register for an iZotope Account
    2. What is the iZotope Product Portal and how do I use it?
    3. MAC: iZotope Product Portal Installation Guide
    4. PC: iZotope Product Portal Installation Guide
    5. How to register a product using the iZotope Product Portal
  4. iLok Licence Manager Guides 

    1. Getting Started with the iLok License Manager
    2. Activating a License with the iLok License Manager
    3. Deactivating & Reactivating iLok Licenses On Your Computer
  5. Download / Installation Help 

    1. Download / Installation Help FAQ
    2. I've clicked the download button and have been given a PDF?
    3. MacOS won't let me install unidentified third party software?
    4. AIR/Sonivox - Code Redemption Limit Has Been Reached?
    5. I've Downloaded The Wrong Format For My Computer, How Can I Fix This?
  6. Site Usage - Tips 

    1. How to Create a Plugin Boutique Account
    2. Having Problems Confirming Your Account?
    3. How to Download Plug-in Trials
    4. How to Download Free Plug-ins
    5. How can I access my course?
  7. AIR Music Techology Activation and Installation Guides 

    1. AIR Music Techology Activation and Installation Guides
    2. AIR Music Technology Download Area
    3. AIR Product Installation Guide : Windows
    4. AIR Product Installation Guide : Mac
  8. AKAI Download Area 

    1. AKAI VIP Download Area
    2. AKAI Installation Guide Area (VIP Standard)
    3. AKAI Installation Guide Area (VIP Plus)
    4. Vacuum Pro: Activation and Installation Instructions
    5. Hybrid 3 Download & Installation
  9. Software Updates 

    1. How do I download updates within my account?
    2. Will I be notified when a product in my account is updated?
    3. Updating to Scaler 1.8.0
  10. Privacy 

    1. Subscribing To Our Newsletters
    2. Unsubscribing From Our Newsletters
  11. Waves 

    1. Waves Demo Activation & Installation Area
    2. Waves Registration, Activation & Installation Area
  12. iZotope Neutron Elements  

    1. Neutron Elements: Mac Preset Download & Installation Guide
    2. Neutron Elements: PC Preset Download & Installation Guide
  13. AAS Session Bundle - Session Series Collection 

    1. Session Bundle - Session Series Collection Registration Guide
    2. Session Bundle - Session Series Collection: Mac Installation Guide
    3. Session Bundle - Session Series Collection: PC Installation Guide
  14. W.A Production - Ascension - Installation Instructions 

    1. W.A Production - Ascension - Download Area
    2. W.A Production - Ascension - Mac Installation Guide
    3. W.A Production - Ascension - Windows Installation Guide
  15. Regroover Essential 

    1. Regroover Essential: Registration Guide
    2. Regroover Essential: Mac Installation Guide
    3. Regroover Essential: PC Installation Guide
  16. Loopcloud Giveaway Guides 

    1. How to create a Loopcloud account
    2. Loopcloud Installation Guide: PC
    3. Loopcloud Installation Guide: Mac
    4. How to add your free sample packs into Loopcloud
  17. Antares Product Compatibility Information  

    1. Antares Operating System Compatibility Chart
    2. Antares DAW Compatibility Guides
    3. Auto-Tune Pro DAW Compatibility
    4. Auto-Tune Artist DAW Compatibility
    5. Auto-Tune EFX+ DAW Compatibility
  18. All articles 

    1. How do I download updates within my account?
    2. Waves Demo Activation & Installation Area
    3. AKAI VIP Download Area
    4. Getting Started with the iLok License Manager
    5. InstaChord MIDI Routing
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